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Raising your hand during a RingCentral Video meeting
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Last updated on October 19, 2021

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During a RingCentral Video meeting on desktop and web, participants can raise their hand to get the attention of the speaker, host, or moderator. All participants in the meeting can use the raise hand feature.
Note: The raised hand notification will not be dismissed until the participant who raised the hand, host, or moderator lowers the hand.

Raising and lowering your hand

  1. During a meeting, click the Raise hand button at the bottom toolbar.
Raising hand
  1. After raising your hand, the button will change to Lower hand, which you can click again to dismiss the notification.
Lowering hand
  1. Alternatively, you can wait for the host or moderator to lower your hand.

Viewing participants who raised their hands

You can see the participants who raised their hands by clicking Participants at the bottom toolbar. The Participant list will display everyone who raised their hand.
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