Running a prep session in webinars

Last updated on March 15, 2022

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All upcoming webinars start in a prep session. If you’re the webinar host, a prep session allows you to run the event with the cohosts and panelists before it starts. While in prep mode, the host, cohosts, and panelists have their respective capabilities, such as unmuting, starting video, and screen sharing.

Running a prep session as a host

  1. Go to Webinar via the left navigation bar.
  2. Hover over the webinar, then click the Start button at the far right. You’ll see Prep session at the bottom right, but it will change to Go live once loaded.
Start a webinar
  1. If you’re running the prep session before the start of your webinar, you can click Go live when you’re ready to start your actual webinar or click Leave > End for everyone once you’re done with the prep session. Note: Once you click Go live, you won’t be able to start the webinar again at a different time, so only go live if you’re sure you want to start the actual webinar.
Go live or leave the webinar

Running a prep session as a cohost

If you are a cohost of the webinar, you can run the prep session by clicking Join as cohost or the webinar link sent to your email invite.

To start a prep session from the RingCentral app, go to the Video menu, hover over the webinar where you are a cohost, and click the Join button.
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