Participating in Q&A in the RingCentral app

Last updated on March 15, 2022

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Attendees can participate in a Q&A session (if turned on by the host) during a RingCentral webinar. Attendees can view the posted questions and read the replies from the hosts or panelist.
Once the host turns on the Q&A, you will receive an alert to submit questions. You can submit questions with your name or anonymously if available. Q&A entries have a limit of 500 characters. 

Submitting a question

To submit a question, click the Q&A button from the bottom menu. Type in your question and click Send.

If the host has enabled the Ask anonymously option, you can select the checkbox if you wish to ask your question anonymously. Anonymous questions do not have the user’s name associated with them.

Viewing the Q&A

  • All: View all questions and answers posted. You can press the like button under the questions or answers posted. 
  • My questions: View only your questions. 
  • Sort: Sort the questions by Oldest, Newest, and Most voted.
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