Engage Voice | Agent scripting elements: Dispositions

Dispositions describe the outcome of a call or chat. You can insert a disposition form into a script page so agents can disposition the call or chat without ever leaving the script. The disposition option also includes a field for agents to enter notes about the call or chat.
This article discusses settings and features that are specific to the Dispositions element. Check out Editing Page elements: the basics and Adjusting elements on a script page for more information on basic element settings and element adjustment you might find while configuring the Dispositions element. 

Please note that you must already have agent dispositions configured in order for this element to work properly. To create and configure agent dispositions, visit All about outbound agent dispositions. If you’d like more of a general overview on dispositions, you can visit Dispositions overview to learn more.


In the Dispositions Configuration Styles tab, use the following settings to configure how your disposition results will display to agents:
  • Select List: Select this option if you wish to have agents select their results from a dropdown list
  • Radio Group: Select this option if you wish to have agents select their results from a group of radio buttons 
Dispositions settings; Configuration tab
Set up Dispositions element
Dispositions settings; Styles tab
Set up Dispositions Styles
Disposition with above settings; rendered
Rendered Dispositions settings
Please note that if you enable this element to disposition calls, you must disable queue and campaign dispositions via the Routing, Dialing, and Chat options in the admin interface. To do so, you can use the Queue/Campaign Assignments options in the configuration panel at the script level as a quick shortcut.

Disabling dispositions at the script level

Follow the steps below to disable queue and campaign dispositions.
1. Navigate to Agent Tools > Script Designer
2. Select a script from the groups page
3. Select the Queue Assignments or Campaign Assignments tab from the configuration panel
4. Click on the name of the queue or campaign you wish to disable your dispositions on and the system will direct you to a new tab that contains your queue/campaign settings 
5. Scroll down to the section titled Agent Settings and check the box next to the Disable Dispositions and Agent Notes setting
6. Save your changes and return to the script’s settings tab
Selecting a script via Script Designer
Selecting a script via the Script Designer groups page
Choosing a queue via the script’s Queue Assignments option
Queue assignment via Script Designer
Disabling dispositions and agent notes via Routing configuration settings 
Disable dispositions in Inbound
The External App URL setting in Routing and the External Survey URL setting in Dialing can be used if you wish to dispense with the system’s disposition options altogether and use your own. You can simply enter an external URL here and the system will pop that website within the agent interface (as long as you enter ‘parent’ in front of the URL). In that case, even if you have an integrated script selected, only the URL you enter here will appear (the integrated script will be ignored).
External App URL setting in Routing
External app URL pop setting
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