Engage Voice | Configuring notification groups

Now we will discuss how to add and edit notification groups and their targets. Notification groups are used to assign alerts to specific destinations, also called targets. A notification group can have several targets, and each target will act as one destination to which you’d like to send your alerts. You can send targets to the following destinations: user, SMS, and email. 
Please note that if you want to set up alerts, you must also create a notification group and at least one target within that group.

Adding a notification group

Follow these steps to add a new notification group:
1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Notification groups via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Click the Add Notification Group button to open the Edit Notification Group modal window
3. Enter the Name for your notification group (required)
4. Enter a group description in the Description field (required)
5. Select one or more alerts from the Add Alert field. If you have not configured any alerts, none will be available. To learn how to create an alert, read Configuring alerts
6. Click Save

Managing notification groups

When you create a notification group, that group will appear below the search bar in the Notification Group Configuration page.  
When editing and deleting your notification group, please note that you’re making changes at the group level only. Select the arrow to the left of the notification group name to expand the group and view a table containing the targets created under that group.
At far right of the notification group name is the More menu, which you can select to reveal the following actions: 
  • Add Target: Add a new target
  • Edit Group: Open the Edit Notification Group modal window and make changes to the group settings
  • Delete Group: Delete the notification group and its configuration settings

Adding a target

As mentioned above, a target acts as the destination to which you’d like to send alerts. You can choose between three target types: user, email, or SMS. When you select User as the target type, you can choose the name of the user who will receive the notification. If a user is selected, the user will receive the alert via a popup on their screen when they are logged into the interface.
When you select either Email or SMS, you will need to specify the email address or phone number (respectively) to which the notification will be sent.
Please note that you can only choose one specific destination for each target that you create. However, you can add multiple targets to the same notification group. 
Follow these steps to add a target:
1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Notification groups via the left nav bar
2. Click on the More icon to the right of the group name 
3. Select Add Target to open the Edit Target modal window
4. Select your target type in the Target Type dropdown menu
5. Complete the required fields for your target type
6. Click Save

Managing targets

Once you add a target, you can click the arrow to the left of the notification group name to reveal that target. Targets are organized in a table, which contains information about that target, including the unique Target Id, the destination group ID (Group Id), the Target Type, and the Target Destination.   

To edit a target, click on the Edit Target pencil icon to the far right of the target you want to edit. To delete a target, click on the Delete Target x icon to the right of the edit icon.
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