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Configuring outbound call recording settings

When setting up the system for dialing outbound calls, you have the option to not only record calls, but also to decide which parts of a call will be recorded, and which actions will trigger or stop recording. Of course, you can also choose to disable call recording completely. 
Calls that are transferred off Engage Voice (managed transfers or blind transfers) are still being recorded and monitored for Call Detail Record or CDR. So long as the caller remains connected, Engage Voice will continue to host the conference, recording and monitoring of the call for CDR data.
Please note that call recording retention is a paid feature and can be activated at any time by contacting your CSM. The length of time your call recordings will be stored is based on your contract. 
Your call recordings will remain completely accessible at all times during your designated time frame. If you would like to deliver your recordings to a location of your choice, you can do so yourself via the methods described in Call recording delivery overview

You can find call recording settings by navigating to the General tab in your campaign’s configuration panel and scrolling down to the Call Recording Settings section.

Helpful hint!

When call recording is enabled in the campaign settings, these settings work hand-in-hand with the call recording settings in Script Studio. If you will be adding call recording to a script via recording tools or a Buttons element, for example, be sure to update your preferences here as well. 

When call recording is disabled in the campaign settings, you can still record a call from a script configured in Script Studio.
The recordings for this feature are different from agent recording. Go to Setting up agent recording to learn more about agent recordings.

Configuring call recording settings

You can set your outbound call recording preferences with the settings listed below:
  • Call Recordings: This setting allows you to choose whether or not you wish the system to record calls. You can also choose the manner in which calls are recorded
    • No - Don’t Record Call: The system will not record any calls
    • Yes - Record Full Call: The system will record all calls in their entirety
    • Yes - Record Call (Agent Pause): The system will record the full call except during instances in which the agent manually pauses recording via script-based (or manual dialpad-based) call controls. You can use the setting that appears beside it, Seconds to Pause, to configure pause time 
    • Agent Triggered (Default: Don’t Record): The system will not record calls unless the agent manually triggers recording via script-based (or manual dialpad-based) call controls
    • Agent Triggered (Default: Record): The system will record all calls in their entirety unless the agent manually pauses or stops recording via script-based (or manual dialpad-based) call controls
  • Seconds to Pause: This setting only appears when you’ve selected the Yes - Record Call (Agent Pause) from the Call Recordings setting. Use this field to indicate the amount of time you wish the system to pause before resuming call recording
  • Recording on Transfer: This setting allows you to choose whether the system should continue recording calls (if call recording is already enabled) once a call has been transferred to another party
    • No - Don’t Record on Transfer: The system will not continue recording once a call transfer is made
    • Yes - Record on Transfer: The system will continue recording once the transfer is made
  • Recording Perspective: This setting allows you to choose the perspective from which calls will be recorded
    • Outbound Lead: The system will record calls from the lead’s perspective — this means that everything the lead hears will be recorded. If the lead is on hold and hears nothing, there will be silence in the call recording
    • Agent: The system will record calls from the agent’s perspective — that is, everything the agent hears will be recorded, even while the lead is on hold. If the call is warm transferred, then all legs of the call will be recorded, unless you select the No - Don’t Record on Transfer option via the previous setting (Recording on Transfer)
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