Engage Voice | Managing digital routing dispositions

As we discussed in Intro to digital routing dispositions, agent dispositions are labels that you can configure for agents to choose from during (or after) a call or chat. Agents can use them to record information about the calls/chats they’ve been making (and taking). 

Configuring digital routing dispositions

Now that you know the basics of agent dispositions, let’s discuss how to actually configure them for use on your digital queues. 
The steps for creating dispositions at the inbound queue, chat queue, and campaign level are relatively similar, so in the steps below we’ll discuss how you can create an agent disposition at any of these levels.
1. Navigate to Routing > Digital queues & skills via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Select a digital queue from the groups page
3. Select the Dispositions tab via the configuration panel
4. Click the Add Disposition button at the far right to open the Edit Chat Disposition modal window
5. If you wish to activate the disposition, uncheck the Is Disabled box
6. Name the agent disposition via the Name field
7. Configure the remaining settings (we’ll discuss each setting below)
8. Click Ok to exit the modal window
9. Save your changes via the Save button at the bottom right

Managing digital routing dispositions

Once you’ve created some agent dispositions, you’ll see them appear in a table on the Dispositions configuration page.
The table is arranged in columns that contain information on some of the settings included in the disposition configuration modal window that appears when you create a new disposition. 
You can use the search bar located at the top of the Disposition column to filter through your dispositions, and you can click on the Edit pencil and paper icon located at the far right of any disposition in the list to open its configuration options and make changes. 

The Show/Hide Disabled button at the upper right of the table allows you to filter for enabled and disabled dispositions at the click of a button. And of course, the Add Disposition button allows you to add and configure a new disposition at any time.

Digital routing disposition settings

The disposition configuration modal window contains a number of configuration options for your agent dispositions, including settings you can configure to flag your agent disposition within the system for various data points. 
Let’s review the settings you’ll find when configuring your digital queue dispositions.
  • Is Disabled: Disable the use of this disposition
  • Rank: Order in which you want this disposition to appear in the agent’s list of possible dispositions
  • Name: Name for the disposition. This is the name the agent will see in the list of possible dispositions (this is a required field)
  • Auto Disposition on Timeout: Automatically submit this disposition once a configurable amount of time has passed after a digital interaction is completed (you can choose a time period in the next setting). Please note that when this setting is enabled, the timed-out disposition will be given the same name as this disposition
  • Finished: Set a ‘Finished’ flag on a customer with this disposition. Please note that this flag is for reporting purposes only
  • Success: Flag any chat with this disposition as successful. Please note that this flag is for reporting purposes only
  • Email: Enter a comma-separated list of email addresses in this field if you wish the system to trigger one or more email notifications upon receipt of a specific disposition. The email notification will include information about a digital interaction, such as the disposition, time stamp, the details of the digital customer, and the agent who handled the interaction
  • Email template: Trigger a follow-up email to whomever you choose once an agent selects and submits this particular disposition. Select from a list of configured email templates. Visit Configuring an email template to learn more
  • Web service: Trigger a web service of your choice once an agent assigns this disposition to a completed digital interaction. Click on the dropdown menu to reveal a list of your configured web services (if you have any) 
  • Digital queue: Place a customer into a different digital queue upon disposition. Click on the dropdown menu to select from a list of available digital queues. If you do not want to automatically requeue digital interactions with this disposition, leave the default value None
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