Engage Voice | Manual outbound dialing overview

Manual outbound calls refer to calls dialed via the dialpad in the agent interface. Agents can use the dialpad to make 'one-off' calls, or calls not related to any campaigns or queues. These calls by default will not be associated with any campaign, lead, or inbound queue, but they will be tagged as ‘manual calls’ for reporting purposes.
Please note: Manual outbound dialing is different from using the ManualDial dialing mode. If you would like to learn more about ManualDial, visit Intro to ManualDial.
There may be times that your inbound agents will need to place manual outbound calls, like, for example, if an agent needs to return a call from a customer who requested a callback after calling their inbound queue. 
Some businesses may also need to link manual outbound calls to an inbound queue. Linking an inbound queue to manual outbound calls can assist you in managing your outbound calls. It can also be useful in situations in which you may wish to leverage features that you’ve configured for your inbound queues, such as agent scripts, dispositions, and the manual outbound Caller ID associated with the queue. 
Here’s a full list of all the settings you can access when you link your manual outbound calls to an inbound queue:
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