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Purchasing phone numbers in RingCentral Office

Before you can import phone numbers, you need to purchase phone numbers in your RingCentral Office account. Remember that you need to have enough admin rights to purchase phone numbers, and depending on your level of access, you might see different options in the left panel.

Adding phone numbers in RingCentral Office

To purchase new phone numbers, watch this video or follow these steps:
1. Log in as an administrator in your RingCentral Office account.
2. In the Admin Portal, click on the Phone System tab via the top menu bar.
3. Navigate to Phone Numbers > All Numbers via the left panel.
4. In the All Numbers configuration page, click on Add Number at the top right to bring up the Add Numbers window.
5. Under the Select Numbers tab, select the location, state, area code, and the type of number you want to add.
6. Select the phone number(s) you want to purchase from a list that will generate after you fill out the settings.
7. Click Add Numbers.
8. Review the order summary generated after clicking Add Numbers, and then click Next.
9. Under the Assign to Ext tab, select RingCentral Engage Voice from the Contact Center Provider dropdown menu.
10. Click Next.
11. Review your order summary under the Confirm Order tab and check the acknowledgment checkbox.
12. Click Next.
13. Under the Order Confirmation tab, confirm your order by clicking Done.
The number you purchased should be available for importation. Visit Importing phone numbers to learn how to import your RingCentral Office numbers to Engage Voice. To set up your RingCentral Office number as a Contact Center Routing Number for Engage Voice, visit Configuring the CCRN in Engage Voice.  
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