Engage Voice | Setting up replacement mapping

Replacement mapping is an advanced feature that allows you to forcefully replace specific values in a web service request. For example, you could have a request with a POST body and a parameter called ‘super_secret,’ and any time that ‘super_secret’ has a value of ‘abc123,’ you want to replace it with ‘xxxxxx.’ In this case, you would add a mapping with an original value of ‘abc123’ and a new (replacement) value of ‘xxxxxx.’

Setting up replacement mapping

To set up replacement mapping pairs that can be used by your web services, follow the steps below.
1. Navigate to Dev Tools > Web service mappings via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Enter an Original Value and the New Value that replaces it
3. Click Add Mapping
4. Add more mapping pairs as needed
Please note: If you want your replacement mapping configurations to apply to a web service, you must check the Mapping Replacement Enabled box in your web service configuration page.
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