Engage Voice | Using the Hangup node

The Hangup node has no properties and only one function –– to end calls. Since it has no properties, it can’t do anything like play audio recordings. If you want to warn callers when calls are about to end, you may want to include an audio recording in an earlier node.
The Hangup node can be useful if you want to end calls after callers have failed to enter valid input. You might also want to use the Hangup node to give callers the option of voluntarily ending calls. 
For example, imagine you are designing an IVR that allows customers to check their account information. After passing through a few menus and retrieving information about their accounts, you might want to give them the choice of starting over or ending the call. 

Keep in mind the Hangup node only ends calls for callers. It’s possible to include additional nodes after the Hangup node as long as you don’t need to interact directly with callers. For example, you might want to use the WWW node after the Hangup node to communicate with an external resource regarding information provided by callers. Visit the Using the WWW node to learn more.

Adding a Hangup node

When you’re ready to add a Hangup node, follow these steps:
1. Drag and drop the Hangup node from the palette onto the background
2. Drag and release appropriate connector arrow(s) to the Hangup node
3. Click the Save button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen
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