Engage Voice | Viewing and exporting phone numbers

As we discussed in Intro to Phone numbers, the admin interface allows you to view and download a list of phone numbers added to your account(s) via the Phone numbers tray setting under Channels. 
Once you reach the Phone numbers page, you’ll see a list of all your accounts and phone numbers in your accounts. You can use the search and filter controls at the top of this page to filter the phone numbers that will appear in the list that you view or export.

Viewing and exporting phone numbers

To view or export a list of phone numbers, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Channels > Phone numbers via the left-hand navigation bar.
2. Select one or more accounts using the checkboxes next to the accounts.
3. Use the remaining fields to select additional filter criteria as desired (we’ll discuss these criteria below).
4. To export the list, click on the More icon at the far upper right and select Export to CSV.
Your numbers will appear in a filtered table. Visit the Phone number columns and indicators section to learn more about what information you’ll find in this table.

Phone numbers options

Now that we’ve reviewed how you can view and download your phone number lists, let’s discuss the different filtering options you have access to on the Phone numbers page.
  • Account: This field allows you to search for numbers associated with one or more accounts. Click on this field to reveal a dropdown list of available accounts
  • Search: This field allows you to search for numbers based on a text search that matches any of the data in the Number, Voice Assignment, or Description fields 
  • Assignment Status: This field allows you to filter your search based on whether or not numbers have been assigned to a product or are inactive. Options include the following:
    • All Statuses: This option allows you to display all numbers
    • Unassigned Only: This option allows you to search for numbers that have not been assigned to products 
    • Inactive Only: This option allows you to search for numbers that are inactive

Phone numbers columns and indicators

When you view a list of phone numbers, they will appear in a table in the Phone numbers page. Descriptions of each column in the table are listed below.
  • Account: This column indicates the account associated with the phone number
  • Number: This column indicates the phone number itself
  • Voice Assignment: This column indicates the product and item to which the phone number is assigned 
  • Last modified: This column indicates when the number was created
  • Description: This column includes information that may have been recorded when the phone number was added to an account or edited
There are also indicators that appear to identify when a number has certain characteristics:
  • SMS: This indicator appears in the table when a number supports SMS messaging
  • RingCentral: This indicator appears to the left of a number when it originated from RingCentral Office
  • Inactive: This indicator appears to the right of a number when the number is inactive
  • Unassigned: This indicator appears to the right of a number when it is unassigned to a product
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