Engage Voice | Understanding daily stats

Your daily stats indicate performance metrics based on a set of cumulative agent stats for the day.
You can access your daily stats by navigating to My stats via the left-hand navigation bar, clicking the dropdown menu located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, and selecting Daily
Your daily stats are organized into eight panels and are customizable. 

Daily stats panels

You can customize your stats panels by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the name of a stat and choosing your preferred stat. 
The categories of stats panels that may appear in your dashboard are the following:
  • Login sessions: The number of login sessions for the day.
  • Chats handled: The number of inbound and outbound chats that have successfully connected.
  • Calls handled: The number of inbound and outbound calls that have successfully connected.
  • Preview dials: The total number of dials attempted via the preview dialer, whether they connected or not.
  • Manual dials: The total number of manual dials attempted, whether they connected or not.
  • RNA: The total number of times you were in an RNA state (Ring No Answer).
  • Success: The total number of calls dispositioned as a successful call.
  • Login time: The length of time the agent has been logged in to chats and calls.
  • Offhook time: The total time you’ve spent in an offhook session.
  • Talk time: This is the total time you’ve spent engaged on an active phone call.
  • Pending Disp.: This indicates if there’s a disposition pending after a call or chat has been completed. You won’t be able to make or receive any calls until you’ve submitted a disposition for the last call/chat you handled.
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