Engage Voice | Starting an offhook session

After logging in to the agent interface, just above the dialpad, you’ll find the offhook session toggle, labeled either with Disconnected or Connected. Once you go offhook, it tells the system you’re ready to take/make calls. 

If you leave the Auto-answer calls box unselected in the login screen, you will notice that the offhook toggle is set to Disconnected initially. If you look at your agent state at the upper right corner, it may be set to Available, but since you’re offhook, you’re unable to receive calls. In this scenario, you would need to go offhook before you can accept incoming calls. We will discuss how to do that below.

Starting an offhook session

You can initiate an offhook session by following these steps:
1. Log in to the agent interface.
2. Navigate to My calls via the left nav bar.
3. Above the dialpad, toggle offhook session from Disconnected to Connected.
4. The Start session modal window will pop up.
5. Select Answer/Reject incoming call.
6. If you choose Answer, the toggle will be set to Connected.
7. If you choose Reject, you’ll stay Disconnected.
How to start an offhook session
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