Engage Voice | Using the knowledge base in a script

A knowledge base is a collection of text selections (or ‘canned responses’) that can be inserted into scripts so you have easy access to them during a call or chat.
Say you’re performing outbound calls to sell a product. The script containing a knowledge base could let you have access to product information should the client or customer have any questions during the call. Another example would be a knowledge base that contains canned responses for common questions a customer might ask. 
A knowledge base can be as simple as a block of text, or it can have a hierarchy. The knowledge base hierarchy begins with groups. Each group can have one or more topics (these can be determined by subject matter, similarity, or however the admin has configured it), and each topic can have one or more articles in it. Articles can either be long or short, and may contain any information the admin has provided.
Knowledge base in a script

Using knowledge base in your script

A knowledge base’s canned response can be shared to you from anywhere within a script. 

One way to search for articles or text you need is to manually scroll through the knowledge base. If the content of the knowledge base attached is longer or larger than the size it’s given in the script, you can hover your cursor over the lower left to reveal a More icon. Clicking on this will activate a scroll bar and reveal the content of the knowledge base.
How to expand a long script
Another way you can search for articles or text is to search labels on the search bar at the top of the knowledge base. Labels are configurable terms attached by the admin to an article that you can use to search for a particular article or text. Labels can be keywords or terms that will let you quickly and easily access the information you’re seeking. They don’t necessarily have to contain any text from the article.
Once you have located the correct article and/or piece of text by either using the search bar or manually scrolling on the knowledge base, you can share it with the customer verbally during a call or via click or cut-and-paste during a chat. Depending on the admin’s settings, you may or may not be able to edit or alter the text before sharing with a customer. 
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