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September Release Highlights

September 1, 2020

RingCentral app desktop, Version 20.3.30 (Release date: 9/8)
  • Create team from a meeting
Create a team from a scheduled RingCentral Video meeting (in the video tab) with the participants.
  • Click-to-dial
Set RingCentral as the default app to automatically launch when clicking on any telephone number.
  • Text formatting toolbar
Edit and format your messages to look the way you prefer using bold, bullets, and more.
  • Multiple call handling
Make, receive, and manage multiple calls.
RingCentral app mobile, Version 20.3.30 (Release date: 9/8)
  • Create team from a meeting
  • Create a team from a scheduled RingCentral Video meeting (in the video tab) with the participants.
  • Calendar integrations
Easily join and schedule meetings directly from your Google or Microsoft Outlook calendars by connecting either.
  • Parked call indicator
A banner now indicates active parked calls.
  • Bluetooth call control support
Video Components
RingCentral Video, Version 20.3.20 (Release date: 8/14)
  • Video controls
Disable video for all participants, or request all attendees to turn video on (host/moderator only).
  • Lock user settings
Choose and lock meeting settings for all users (admin only in the Admin Portal).
  • Updated post meeting rating dialog
Allow users to dismiss the rating dialog for 24h. When a user rates the meeting 1-3 stars, ask for additional feedback categories (Audio, Video, Screen Sharing, etc)
RingCentral Rooms, Version 20.3.30 Mac (Release date: 9/28)
  • Room camera controls
Switch between available cameras and adjust their pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) enabled cameras.
RingCentral Rooms, Version 20.3.20 Android (Release date: 8/18)
  • Manual upgrade of Rooms app
  • Allows Rooms to manually upgrade controller and host app from controller settings when new versions are available.
  • Control content sharing
  • Room can control which meeting participants can share their screen when the room is the meeting host/moderator.
RingCentral Meetings Outlook Add-in, Version 20.3.1 (Release date: 9/14)
  • Users will see admin settings that apply to users across the entire account, such as enforced meetings passwords.
  • Users scheduling a meeting will now have invitation text following what is set in the Global Dial-in Countries/Regions settings in the Admin Portal.
  • Users will experience a consistent look & feel compared to other RingCentral products.
Platform Integrations
RingCentral for Salesforce, Version 6.8.0 (Release date: 8/17)
  • Users can now make and receive calls from the RingCentral unified app. No need to download the RingCentral phone app!
RingCentral for Google, Version 4.3.0 (Release date: 9/12)
  • Users can now choose to make and receive calls with either webRTC or the RingCentral unified app.
  • View multi site and site codes in the RingCentral for Google Chrome extension.
RingCentral Office
Version 20.3.0 (Release date range: 8/3 through 9/11 with POD upgrades)
  • Phone: Cisco 6821 phone model is available for purchase and assisted provisioning
  • Phones: Unify CP205, CP400, CP600 phones models are available for purchase and assisted provisioning
Version 20.3.2 (Release date range: 8/25 through 9/24 with POD upgrades)
  • Adoption & Usage analytics: Enhancements to the user table
    • Ability to select columns
    • List of endpoints and versions for each user
    • Identifying deleted users with a tooltip.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) analytics: Enhancements for RingCentral Video QoS
    • Addition of Network Quality indicator (NQI) to the timeline view
    • Displaying all IPs, ISPs, locations, and network types under network deta
    • Masking guest participants’ information for privacy.
  • Phone: Cisco 8851 phone model is available for purchase and assisted provisioning
Engage Voice, Version 20.3.3 (Release date: 9/9)
  • Calling an Expert on RC Office (requires RC Office Account)
  • HCI Fetch Usability Improvements
  • 3 new Billing Reports
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