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Configuring the general settings in RingCentral Rooms

Last updated on December 01, 2021
You can access and configure the general settings of RingCentral Rooms from your controller device. RingCentral Rooms supports cross-platform peripheral devices.  
To get to your general settings, go to Settings > General on your controller device.
General settings tab
  • Meeting feedback: Enable or disable prompting participants for meeting feedback at the end of a meeting. 
  • Display as private meeting: Set a meeting to private to show the host and room name instead of the subject title. To learn more, see Setting a meeting to private in RingCentral Rooms
  • Hide host name for private meetings: Hide the host’s name from the meeting display so it just shows the name of the room for a private meeting.
  • Allow voice control: Enable or disable voice command to join meetings. To learn more, see Enabling voice command on the RingCentral Rooms controller
  • Dim screens when idle: Enable or disable dimming screens after five minutes of inactivity. 
  • Require pairing code when devices connect to room: Enable or disable requiring a pairing code for all devices trying to connect to the room. 
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