RingCentral Office | Overview

Deskphones - List of Supported Phones - This article contains the list of devices that are sold and supported by RingCentral, and more.
Greeting Types - This article will guide you in choosing what callers hear when they call your RingCentral number.
Hot Desking - Overview - Learn more about Hot Desking's key features, availability, and limitations.
Phone Numbers - RingCentral DigitalLine Overview - Get more information about RingCentral DigitalLine, its availability and current plans.
Presence - Overview - Presence enables RingCentral Office customers to detect the extension status of their colleagues and display on their desk phones.
RingCentral Global Office Overview - RingCentral Global Office provides a single phone system to companies that have offices around the world.
RingCentral Limited Extension Overview - This article lists the different features and limitations of a limited extension, plus discusses adding and setting up the limited extension.
RingCentral Multi-Site Support - Follow these steps to enable Multi-Site support for your account and click on the links to set-up Multi-Site for your account.
RingCentral Office Overview - This article contains everything you need to know about the RingCentral Office plan.
Shared Lines - Overview - The Shared Lines feature allows calls made to one phone number to be answered by multiple phone devices.

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