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Release Notes

July 2022 Release Highlights

  • MVP Core, Version 22.2.5 (Release: July 15 through August  2, 2022)
  • Bug fixes
  • RingCentral App Desktop & Web, Version 22.3.10 (Release: July 25 through 31, 2022)
  • 10-digit phone numbers: Due to the recently updated regulations, all numbers in the US and Puerto Rico require 10-digit phone numbers. You must enter area code + phone number to make local calls.
  • iCal integration: Easily join and schedule meetings by connecting your iCal calendar.
  • More menu improvements: We have improved the drop down behavior of the more menu for a better user experience.
  • Premium numbers for meeting invites: Your premium phone numbers will now appear as an option for people to dial in with when you create video meeting invites.
  • Volume indication: You'll see a visual indicator if your app volume is set to 0.
  • Find the setting you need more quickly: Want to find where to change your notifications or choose a new virtual background? Now you can use the top search bar to find what you need in Settings.
  • Call presence in search: When looking to forward or transfer a call to a contact, you can now see if they are busy or available in the search field. A person's call status will show with a red or green indicator in the dialpad search field before you try to reach them by phone.
  • Huddle topic: Your huddle topic will be shown in the message card after your huddle ends.
  • RingCentral Mobile App, Version 22.3.10 (Release: July 25 through 31, 2022)
  • Virtual whiteboard (open beta 7/6/2022): Show, don't tell, with our new collaborative whiteboards.
  • View call recordings: Catch up on your missed meetings on the go. Access and play your recorded calls right in the app.
  • Quickly join any meeting from a room: Use your phone to join any meeting, even one that's not on the Rooms calendar.
  • Share to a room from your device: Now you can instantly share content to a Rooms meeting from your device.
  • Easier access to End-to-end encryption: You can now turn on End-to-end encryption from the meeting info window.
  • Use the search bar to find settings: Finding the settings you want just got easier. Just use the search bar.
  • Hide option to create team (admins only): As an admin, you can hide the option for users to create teams or convert group messages into teams to align with your organization's policies.
  • Clear cached data: Clear your cached data to reduce the amount of storage the app uses.
  • Local area dialing: We've added local area dialing support for the United Kingdom and Germany. Now you can set your default area code as either country for making outgoing calls.
  • RingCentral Rooms, Version 22.3.10 (Release: July 29, 2022)
  • Show meeting title & host name on Rooms controller
    • Room users can now check the meeting title and the meeting host on the meeting information page of the room controller after a meeting launches.
  • Support Room categories - Personal Rooms & Conf Rooms
    • IT admin can now categorize a room to be a “Personal Room” on ServiceWeb. Once selected, the room user’s meeting preferences will persist across meetings. 
  • Auto framing support for Mac Rooms
    • If Mac Room connected Aver520 Pro2 which supports auto framing, IT admin can set the camera to automatically track and frame the meeting participants.
  • RingCentral Rooms, Version 22.3.10 (Release: July 4, 2022)
  • Incoming Video Call Handling
    Rooms can now receive incoming video calls when it is invited to a video meeting. Users will be able to accept or reject an incoming video call when Rooms is being invited.
  • Show/Hide upcoming meetings on Room display
    Users can choose whether or not to show the upcoming meeting list on the Room display. 
  • Start Instant Meeting using PMI
    IT admin can now select a dedicated user for the Room from the company directory, and the dedicated Room user can choose to start an instant meeting with PMI.
  • View closed caption in Rooms
    Rooms users can know what’s been said on the Rooms host, helping everyone to follow along.
  • Configure Rooms settings from ServiceWeb
    Instead of running into each one of the conference rooms and configuring on the controller, IT admins can now configure some of the settings remotely from Service Web.
  • Auto framing support for Windows Rooms
    If Windows Room connected Aver520 Pro2 which supports auto framing, IT admin can set the camera to automatically track and frame the meeting participants.
RINGCENTRAL Engage Digital
  • RingCentral Engage Digital, Versions 22.07.01, 22.07.04, 22.07.11, 22.07.12, 22.07.20, 22.07.21, 22.07.22 (Release: July 2022)
  • WhatsApp: Track WhatsApp Phone Number Status and customer notification of degraded Quality Rating.
  • Messaging Channels: Add category filtering on Smart Conversation Close.
  • Admin: Added the ability to disable non-functioning rules in Rules Engine because the category used in that rule condition was deleted.
  • Admin: Identities - Added ability  to import email contacts BETA.
  • Admin: Introduced events when you import reply assistant items.
  • Admin: Added "Last modified" column for "Inboxes" list.
  • Google My Business: Added a more precise location name for Google My Business.
  • Apple Messages for Business: Implemented typing indicator message for Apple Messages for Business.
  • Admin: Added "Last modified" column to Chat targeting rules listing.
  • Admin: Added "Last modified" column to Messaging targeting rules listing.
  • Apple Messages for Business: Added handling of user-closed conversations for Apple Messages for Business.
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