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Last updated on February 22, 2022
Live transcription transcribes meeting audio in real-time. This feature is available on the RingCentral mobile and desktop and web app.
If you’re an admin, you can make changes to your live transcription settings, such as:
  • Allow meetings to be transcribed.
  • Make transcripts visible to hosts or moderators only.
  • Allow the transcript to be downloaded or not by everyone or hosts or moderators only.
Note: An admin can update live transcription settings for the whole company account or for select users.

Configuring live transcription via Meeting settings

  1. Sign in to your RingCentral online account as an admin. You need to be an authorized admin user to follow the next steps.
  2. Click Admin Portal > Meetings.
  3. Click Meeting Settings, and then modify preferred settings under Transcript by toggling on/off each setting: 
    • Allow meetings to be transcribed
    • Make transcript visible to hosts and moderators only
    • Transcripts can be copied and downloaded by: Everyone or Only hosts and moderators
Note: You can click the lock icon next to each setting if you’d like to prevent any non-admin users from making changes.
live transcription admin settings
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