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Last updated on September 01, 2021

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The RingCentral Analytics mobile portal presents usage statistics in real time and helps you spot call and meeting usage trends across RingCentral’s suite of products. Reports are shown as graphical representations of your account activities and are based on queue, user, and endpoint activity.

Top Menu Bar

When you’ve logged in to the Analytics Portal from your mobile device, the interface shows a bar along the top with a menu icon, your location, a help icon, and your login name.
  • Menu icon: Click this to access the full range of available reports.
  • Location: This shows the region from which you are logged in.
  • Help: The question mark shows Help and links to Analytics user guides.
  • Login name: Shows your current login. Click the dropdown arrow to log out.
Mobile top bar


Accessing the Analytics Portal from your mobile device opens to the Adoption & Usage Report. Use the Menu icon in the upper left to access additional reports. Clicking on any entry opens its report page.
  • Adoption & Usage: usage preferences, levels, and patterns
  • Company Numbers: company-wide call metrics
  • Live Reports: usage statistics in near real-time
  • Meetings Dashboard: company-wide meeting metrics
  • Performance Reports: streamline and visualize key performance indicators
  • Quality of Service: monitor global health of phone calls and RingCentral Video meetings
  • Rooms & Devices: monitor global health of RingCentral Rooms and hardphones
  • Alerts: allows admins to configure customized alerts for device status and room health and status call metrics
  • Subscriptions: generate saved reports and send via email
Analytics tabs in the left navigation bar.

Reports pages

Most reports have tabs showing different top-level categories within the reports page. These let you drill down to more targeted information. For example, you might see tabs for Video, Phone, or Meetings. Clicking on a tab changes the main panel to show data relevant to its category.
Overview top navigation tabs.


Dashboards are how Analytics reports show the information that is most relevant to you in one place. Using widgets, dashboards can be configured to show details about categories of information to give you real-time insights into usage or see trend history. If you are enabled to create them, you can create and configure multiple dashboards to report different sets of data in a way that is useful to you.
Where applicable, you can use the dashboard interface to:
  • View the report data
  • Select Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Search ​for a dashboard that has already been created
  • Add and manage widgets 


Widgets are the core of dashboard functionality. Each dashboard is populated with categorized tiles, some of which can be configured to fine tune the information they show. Analytics widgets reflect a broad array of details to help you understand various data points within your choice of parameters. 
Widgets can show data like:
  • Device usage
  • Total enabled users
  • Quality vs volume
  • Queue details
Widget example.
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