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Fax not sending from your RingCentral account

Last updated on March 29, 2022
A fax can take up to five minutes per page to send, especially when it includes pictures or other graphics. The status shows as Failed if the fax didn't send.


If you’re having issues sending a fax, there are several possible reasons.


  1. Check the status of your fax
  2. See whether the status is still Sending or Failed.
    1. If the fax is still in progress, wait five minutes per page to determine whether the fax is still sending or has failed.
      Note: Faxing speed depends on the amount of graphics and text on a page. A graphics-heavy fax can take five minutes or more per page to send.
    2. If the fax has failed, check your file attachments or network and firewall settings

Checking your file attachments

If your fax status shows as Failed, make sure:
  • Each attachment’s file format is supported. Learn more
  • No attachment’s file name includes ampersands (&) or other special characters.
  • The combined size of all attachments isn’t larger than 50 MB.
If you are faxing by email, remove all signatures, images, and footnotes from the email body before sending.
Once you’ve resolved the formatting issues of your attachments, try sending the fax again.

Checking your network and firewall settings

A fax may fail to send due to network or firewall settings. Troubleshooting steps differ depending on how your computer or network is set up. 
Contact your IT department to manage your network and firewall settings. Learn more
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