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Troubleshooting Fax via Email Send & Receive Issues

Last updated on May 10, 2022
If you are encounter errors in RingCentral’s fax via email service, these troubleshooting tips can help address them.

Unable to Send or Receive Faxes

If you can’t send a fax via email:
  • Confirm the recipient’s fax number or email address. 
  • Ensure that the recipient’s User Details include an email address that can receive faxes. Read more about setting user details.  
  • Ensure that the recipient’s email address is in your list of trusted email addresses.  Read more about allowing email addresses to receive faxes. 
  • Confirm that the size of any attached documents does not exceed 20MB. No single attachment should exceed 200 pages. 
  • Make sure the attachment file type is supported. Read more about faxing with file attachments
  • Remove any special characters (e.g., symbols such as &, $, #) from filenames. 
  • Check that the body of the email is empty. Remove any signatures, images, and footnotes.
Note: Faxes can take up to 5 minutes per page to transmit, depending on the quality, complexity, and resolution of their content. Text-only pages transmit more quickly than pages that include images. 

How to Prevent Fraud Attempts

You may receive a “failed email to fax” message after you attempt to send a fax, or a “recipient unknown” message if the recipient’s information is incorrect.  These are legitimate error messages.
However, if you receive a large number of “failed email to fax” messages even if you have not sent any email-to-fax messages, it could indicate that your email has been compromised.  If this happens to you, contact your network administrator immediately.
Additionally, RingCentral is investigating options for disabling email-to-fax functionality for customers who do not use this feature. If you detect fraudulent behavior involving your account, of if you would like the email-to-fax feature disabled, please contact RingCentral Support
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