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QoS: Top ISPs, Endpoints, and Networks widgets
on the Overview dashboard | RingEX

Last updated on September 01, 2021

Using the Top ISPs, Endpoints, and Networks widget 

These widgets show information as circular graphs with colored segments.
Widgets displaying Tops ISPs, endpoints, and networks used.
Clicking on any segment shows deeper details, as does clicking on any of its listings to the right.
Click on a widget segment for more information.

Top ISPs

Top ISPs widget helps you monitor how well your internet service provider is able to support your bandwidth requirements. From this chart, you can see the percentage of total meetings/webinars/call volume on each of your ISPs on the inner ring and the quality of streams/call legs on the outer ring.

Top Endpoints

Top Endpoints widget helps you understand the distribution of calls/meetings/webinars across different endpoints and the quality breakdown for each endpoint. This can help you identify problematic endpoints. For example, your users could be on an outdated app version. 

Top Networks

Top Networks widget helps monitor the distribution of calls/meetings/webinars across different networks and the quality breakdown for each. If the calls/meetings/webinars occur on business premises, you can identify areas for infrastructure improvement.
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