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Setting up how users sign up for or are invited to
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The domain auto-aggregation feature allows admins to control how their users sign up for or get added to their RingCentral account. This feature prevents new users from accidentally creating their own RingCentral Video account, which could cause problems later on.

Enabling domain auto-aggregation

You can enable the domain auto-aggregation feature by contacting Customer Support.
Enabling domain auto-aggregation

Selecting user sign up/invitation options

1. Navigate to Settings via the left-hand navigation bar.
Navigate to settings
2. Select the Administration tab from the left pane.
3. Next to Allow users in your email domain to organically sign-up?, select an option
    from the drop-down list:
         a. Yes, if invited or via self sign-up
         b. Yes, if invited to RingCentral
         c. No
Selecting user sign up/invitation options

Domain auto-aggregation options

  • Yes, if invited or via self sign-up: Admins allow their users within the same domain to join as RingCentral Pro users in RingEX upon signup or being invited.
  • Yes, if invited to RingCentral: This allows users to join if they were invited via the RingCentral app.
  • No: Only Admins can add users via the Admin Portal.
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