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Configuring aux labels and campaign integrations

User-defined auxiliary labels are a way to rename extra lead data columns that exist within the standard lead information upload configuration. For example, say you want to upload a lead list that has a column containing information on whether each lead is a repeat customer or not. 
You can upload your lead list and map that repeat customer info column to any available aux field so that the system can track and record that information for future reference. That way, when you, say, pull a report on that lead list later on, you’ll know that all the information under the aux field you chose is actually the repeat customer information column you mapped that field to earlier on.
To label your aux fields, navigate to the General tab in your campaign’s configuration panel. Scroll down to the User Defined Aux Labels section and use the fields here to choose names both for tracking purposes and for agents to see for each auxiliary data column. There are five available Aux Label fields for renaming. 
You can map your auxiliary fields later on via the Destinations list that appears in the Preview tab of your upload list modal window. 

Choosing Campaign Integrations

If you wish to choose web services to fire off at various times during your campaign’s call flow (applicable for calls both entering and leaving the campaign), you can do so by scrolling down to the Campaign Integrations section via the Configuration option in your campaign’s configuration panel.
Please note that some pieces of dynamic call data will only be available at specific times during the call flow. The web services that appear in the dropdown menus will populate based on web services you’ve already configured via the Web Services tray setting under Settings.
  • Agent Connect Web Service: Choose a web service to fire automatically when an agent is successfully connected to a lead
  • Agent Termination Web Service: Choose a web service to fire automatically when an agent session (that is, during a live call) is terminated
  • Transfer Termination Web Service: Choose a web service to fire automatically as each transfer is terminated (this web service will fire once per transfer)
  • Post Call Web Service: Choose a web service to fire automatically once the lead hangs up the phone or the agent disconnects the call
  • Post Disposition Web Service: Choose a web service to fire automatically after a disposition is either generated by the system or submitted by the agent. In this case, the system disposition will generate if no contact is made (for example, if the system encounters a busy or congested signal)
  • Auto Result File Disposition: Use this setting to send a preconfigured flat file with call detail records to the destination of your choice once per day. You can choose the file destination from the dropdown list. Please note that this is an advanced feature and only relevant to certain highly customized account types. Please contact your CSM for more information
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