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Engage Voice | Intro to Real-Time reporting

Real-Time reporting is a form of analytics that is available in the Analytics app. Real-Time reporting includes dashboards where you can add and view widgets that display live data. These widgets help you make informed decisions based on what’s happening in the moment. 
In addition to viewing data, you can use widgets to initiate actions, like moving agents to different queues or campaigns. You can also configure rules and notification alerts. 
Real-Time reporting allows you to add multiple widgets to a single dashboard as well as create multiple dashboards to report different sets of data. For example, one dashboard could report inbound statistics and a separate dashboard could report outbound statistics. If you want to learn more about Real-Time dashboards, read Using dashboards.
Now let’s talk a little more about widgets.

About widgets

With Real-Time reporting, you can add pre-built and custom widgets to track different categories of metrics. For example, you can add widgets that display information on agents, dial groups, campaigns, queues, and more. 
All the widgets have customizable displays to help you see the most important information. You can move these widgets around on the dashboard or resize them to best fit your needs. 
When you add a new widget, you can choose from several categories of widgets. Most of the categories are pre-built widgets but one category allows you to create custom widgets. 

Pre-built widgets

There are six categories of pre-built widgets, and they correspond to various aspects of the platform. The categories of pre-built widgets include inbound, outbound, agent, IVR, cloud, and chat. They are customizable so you can focus on the information you need most. You can also reconfigure column width and placement with a simple click and drag, view your data as a table or a chart, freeze data to examine a moment in time, or stream data for an overview of contact center activity. 

Custom widgets

Custom widgets allow you to display the data most relevant to you and to present that data in the format of your choice. When you add a custom widget, you will have many choices. For example, you can decide whether to display your data in the form of raw numbers or in chart format. And if you choose to use a chart, you will have a variety of choices for the type of chart. 
You will also be able to decide which product information you want the custom widget to display –– for example, inbound or outbound. Based on the product you choose, you will then be able to add data fields. You can even filter the data that is displayed by selecting particular product items. For example, you can filter based on one or more inbound queues.
When adding a custom widget, you can even customize the format by determining visual characteristics such as font size, background color, and text color. 
Now that you have an overall understanding of what Real-Time reporting can do, you might want to read about adding widgets.
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