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Engage Voice | Configuring basic dial plan filtering

Now that you understand what dial plans are, what they can be used for, and the difference between basic dial plan filtering and custom campaign criteria dial plan filtering, we can discuss the mechanics of how to use the basic dial plan filtering options. As the name implies, these settings allow you to filter your dialing; in this case, you can choose one of two filtering options.
You can use dial plan filters to tell the system that you only want it to dial either the states or the timezones that you select for the current campaign. Remember — you don’t get to choose a time frame for enabling these filters (although you can do that with custom campaign criteria settings). 
Once you’ve made your selections within the campaign(s) of your choice, any states or timezones that do not appear in the list will not be dialed until you go back to that setting and manually add back those states or timezones. 

To select the states or timezones that you do wish to dial within any given campaign, take the following steps:
1. Navigate to Dialing > Campaigns
2. Select the campaign you’d like to add a dial plan to
3. Select Dial Plans from your campaign’s configuration panel
4. Use the Dial Plan Filtering dropdown menu to choose whether you wish to filter by state or by timezone
5. Use the States or Timezones field below that to select which states you do wish to dial (remember — any state or timezone not included in this list will be excluded from dialing). We’ll discuss some selection methods below
6. Save your changes via the Save button at bottom right
Now, when it comes to selecting states or timezones, you can do so in one of two ways. If you’d like to select all states or timezones, you can do so by clicking the Add All States/Timezones text at far right of the States/Timezones field and then clicking the x to the right of any state or timezone name that you wish to exclude (so that only the dialable states/timezones remain).
Alternatively, you can select states or timezones by simply clicking into the States/Timezones field and using the dropdown menu to select the states or timezones you wish to dial.
If at any time you change your mind, you can click the Remove All States/Timezones text to clear the field and begin again.
Now that you understand how to configure basic dial plan filtering, let’s review how you can create and manage custom campaign criteria. Remember — if you opt to use the Campaign Dial Plans settings, you will not be able to use the Custom Campaign Criteria setting. You will only be able to use one or the other — not both. 
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