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Engage Voice | Configuring campaign compliance tools

When setting up a campaign, you have the option of enabling DNC scrubbing –– the process of removing numbers from your lead lists that you are prohibited from calling. If you want to be sure your call center remains compliant, it’s essential that you take responsibility for understanding applicable laws. 
If you have not done so already, be sure you have read Intro to outbound compliance tools and DNC scrubbing
If you enable DNC scrubbing for your campaigns, you will have several combinations of options based on various DNC lists. You can activate scrubbing based on the internal list you create in the DNC Manager as well as external state, federal, and cellular DNC lists.

Using campaign compliance tools

You can find the campaign compliance tools settings by navigating to the General tab in your campaign’s configuration panel and scrolling down to the Compliance Tools section. Please note: This section will not appear when you first create a campaign; however, it will appear after you have saved a new campaign for the first time.

You can set your campaign compliance tools preferences using the settings listed below. The DNC Scrub field is required but the other fields only appear if you choose a scrubbing option that includes external scrubbing –– that is, national, state, and/or cellular scrubbing.
  • DNC Scrub: Allows you to choose which type(s) of scrubbing you would like to apply to your campaign
    • No - Load All Leads: The system will not scrub any leads
    • Yes - Internal + National/State/Cell: The system will scrub leads using the internal list you’ve created in the DNC Manager as well as national, state, and cellular DNC lists
    • Yes - Internal Only: The system will only scrub leads using the internal list you’ve created in the DNC Manager
    • Yes - Cellular + Internal: The system will scrub leads using the cellular DNC list and the internal list you’ve created in DNC Manager
    • Yes - Cellular Only: The system will only scrub leads using the cellular DNC list
  • Rescrub Interval Days: This setting allows you to determine how often in days you want lead lists to be scrubbed using external DNC lists. Keep in mind this setting does not apply to internal scrubbing
  • Global Whitelist Enabled: Checking this box means that numbers entered in your global whitelist will not be scrubbed. If you want to learn more about adding numbers to your whitelists, read Whitelist Manager
  • Selected Whitelist Tags: Clicking on this field reveals a list of tags you’ve created for numbers in your whitelists. Selecting whitelist tags means that numbers in your whitelist with those tags will not be scrubbed
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