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Engage Voice | Email template overview

Email templates is an Agent Tools feature that allows you to create a set of pre-written email messages that can be sent to a lead or customer once an agent submits a disposition during a call or chat. Email templates are useful for circumstances in which you may want to send the same email to more than one lead or customer.
Email templates are completely customizable. You can configure settings to send an email to one or multiple email addresses at a time (as well as CC and BCC other email addresses), add file attachments, and personalize email messages using the built-in formatting controls and tagging options. 
You will also be able to configure settings to allow agents to edit all, some, or none of the settings in the email template once they’ve dispositioned a call or chat

Using email templates

Email templates can be used for many different reasons. For example, you might want to send an appreciation email to each customer after they’ve made a purchase over the phone. You might also have a lot of customers asking for additional info about the product(s) they’ve just purchased. 
You can create an email template with a custom thank you message, including data tags to personalize each message to the customer to whom it will be sent. You can also attach one or more documents to the email template that include(s) any additional info about the products your company offers. 
Once an email template is created, you will need to assign it to a disposition at the inbound queue, chat queue, or outbound campaign level. Then when an agent submits that disposition, they will be able to view and edit the email template before they send it to the lead or customer.
Now let’s say you have a customer who would like the email to be sent to a different email address than the one currently in the system for that customer. By giving the agent editing access to certain settings, such as the email address of the customer, your agent will be able to make changes to the appropriate fields to ensure that the email is sent to the correct email address. 
Once an email is sent, leads and customers can view the email, download files attached to the email, and even reply to the email address that was attached as the sender.
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