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Engage Voice | Importing phone numbers

Whether you’re new to the platform or have a lot of experience, at some point you’ll probably need to import new numbers into the admin interface. Any phone numbers you’d like to use in the platform must first be purchased in your RC Office account and then imported into the admin interface via the Phone Numbers page.
If you have not done so already, you might want to read Purchasing phone numbers in RingCentral Office.

When you import new numbers, you’ll also need to configure their settings. To learn more about your configuration options, see Editing phone numbers.

How to import phone numbers

If you’re ready to import new numbers, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Channels > Phone Numbers via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Click the Import Numbers button to bring up the Import New Number modal window
3. Use the dropdown menu in the Account field to choose the correct account
4. Check each box to the left of the available numbers you want to import
5. Click the Continue button at bottom right to close this window and bring up the Import [x] Number modal window
6. Configure your newly imported number(s) as needed 
7. Click the Save button at bottom right to close the modal window
Now you’re ready to start using your newly imported phone numbers! If you imported them successfully, you should see new numbers added to the table in the DNIS Result List section.
Please note that if you’d like to make any changes to your phone number, including removing that number entirely, you can do so by returning to your RingCentral Office account. When you’ve made adjustments to a phone number in RC Office, those changes will automatically sync to the number you’ve imported in the admin interface.
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