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Engage Voice | Linking between Script Studio tools

When you create a script via Script Studio, you’re creating a script flow — or a sequence of actions — for the system and your agents to follow. To illustrate this flow, you’ll have to arrange your tools in sequential order and connect them according to the order you want the system to navigate through them.
Follow the steps below to connect tools on a canvas in Script Studio. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll start with a Page tool and connect it with the other tools on the canvas.
1. Drag and drop the Page tool from the toolbar and deposit it near your Start tool 
2. Connect the Start tool to the new Page tool (its default name will be page_0) by clicking and holding the plus icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the Start tool
3. When the connecting line appears, drag it over to the Page tool
4. Let go of the connecting line anywhere on the Page tool and the connector will snap to the tool, linking them together  
5. Repeat the process if you wish to connect multiple pages or tools, and then connect your final tool to the End tool to complete your script
6. If you wish to disconnect a tool, click on the point of the arrow, drag the connecting line back towards the tool, and then let go
7. Save your changes and click Render to preview your script
Connecting tools
There you have it — the first action that will occur once your script opens up. In this case, because we haven’t configured any of the settings in the Page tool, the agent will only see a blank page when a call or chat connects. 
Please note that when an agent reaches the end of a script, a script summary (composed of all of the script’s model.model data — that is, all the custom data generated by/from the script) will appear. This summary will be visible to the agent on the final page as an HTML string. 
If you wish to hide this data from agents, you can simply disconnect the End tool from the rest of the sequence and the script will end on whatever the last tool is in the sequence. If you have no desire to save some (or all) of this information to your servers (useful in situations where a script generates a great deal of data), you can add a Mapping tool to the end of your script and use it to select what information (if any) you wish to save.
Alternatively, you can add a JavaScript tool to the end of your script and enter your own code directing the system to keep and discard whatever you like.
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