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While our platform provides a number of dialers with different modes and capabilities designed to cater to businesses looking for automated dialing solutions, we do understand that some businesses have different needs and may require a different type of dialing system that incorporates human intervention.
If you prefer to integrate the human element into your outbound call strategy, we offer a product called ManualDial, which is a standalone system that requires a human being to manually place outgoing calls. A manual system can be useful for businesses who wish to avoid dropped calls, or ensure a live agent is always available to speak to every lead who answers. It can also serve as a supporting tool in your compliance strategy.
Note: Using ManualDial is different from performing a manual outbound call. If you would like to learn more about manual outbound dialing, visit Manual outbound dialing overview.
ManualDial is completely segregated from our other dialer offerings and does not contain any of the functionality commonly associated with a predictive or power dialer (that is, it does not use multi-number dialing algorithms).
With ManualDial, one lead is connected to one agent, and there is never a possibility of any ‘extra’ dialed leads waiting to speak to a live agent. ManualDial can be used to ensure agents have the time to view important information about each lead before a connection is made.
This product does not offer any features related to non-human interaction, such as answering machine detection capabilities. ManualDial also requires logging in to a completely different server and system to dial outbound calls.
ManualDial does provide a variety of tools to help you remain respectful of your customers’ schedules and privacy. Some of these tools include a click-to-dial solution, cell phone and DNC list scrubbing, litigator scrubbing, and whitelist management.
As for any important lead information you want your agents to view, this can include information such as the lead’s full contact record and all related information, including transaction history, past call outcomes, and basic data. This information can also come from different sources, such as lead lists that contain relevant information (and custom information) that agents will need to access before each call, or CRMs that you can integrate into the system. 
If you’d like to set up ManualDial and learn more about our compliance-supporting tools, contact your CSM for more details.

Using ManualDial

When an agent logs in and becomes available, they can use ManualDial to fetch the campaign’s list of leads (and all the associated data) and review any relevant information before contacting the lead. 
Once the agent is fully prepared to speak to the lead, there are two ways they can dial a lead. How an agent dials a lead is dependent on whether or not you have HCI dialing enabled on your account. We’ll discuss HCI dialing in more detail in just a moment.

Standard ManualDial dialing

If you’re using standard ManualDial functionality (which means you aren’t utilizing HCI dialing), then each individual agent can click a button to dial a phone number, and each agent will be connected to the call that they themselves placed.

HCI dialing

If you choose to enable HCI dialing on your ManualDial account, then one designated agent can click a button to dial a phone number, at which point the system immediately routes the call to another active agent. 
This system functions similarly to standard ManualDial, except that in this case, one or more agents (called ‘clicker agents’) manually click a button to dial outbound calls. 
Please note that the clicker agent should set their agent state to Working so they can avoid receiving calls while they manually dial calls for other agents.
If you wish to enable HCI dialing, contact your CSM. Read more about HCI dialing in Intro to dial modes.
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