Engage Voice | Intro to phone numbers

Phone numbers are a vital part of any contact center. Even if you only use a few numbers, you’ll most likely need to view and edit them — and you’ll also probably want to add new phone numbers at some point.

You can manage all your phone numbers in the admin interface by navigating to Channels > Phone  numbers via the left-hand navigation bar. Here, you can import phone numbers that you’ve purchased as well as view and edit your existing phone numbers.
View of clicking Channels to Number Manager
There are a variety of changes you can make if you want to edit your numbers. First, you can change the account a number was added to — that is, if you have more than one account. You can also do things like assign numbers to products such as inbound queues or IVRs. 
When you view or download your numbers, you can choose to see all numbers associated with an account or you can filter for specific types of numbers. For example, you can use the search capability to filter your phone numbers based on area code, assignment to a product, or description.
If you need new numbers, then you will need to import those numbers. ‘Importing numbers’ means retrieving numbers you’ve already purchased (that live in your RC Office account) and importing them into the admin interface. Once you import your new numbers, you can immediately begin editing and assigning them.
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