Engage Voice | Updating an IVR with your cloud profile

As we learned in Intro to cloud routing, cloud routing allows you to route your inbound calls between one or more call centers that may be either internal or remote destinations. You can learn more about configuring cloud routing in Configuring cloud destinations and Configuring cloud profiles. Once your cloud profiles and destinations are configured, you can update your IVR to include your cloud profile. 
In this example, you can see a cloud profile placed within a call route path. In the IVR where DTMF decisions are made, there is a Route node pertaining to the business unit the cloud destinations are aligned with. Within the Route node, the properties allow you to adjust the routing type to ‘cloud profile’ and select a cloud profile.
To learn more about IVRs, read Intro to IVR Designer. Please note: You must first create an IVR group and an IVR before you can update your IVR to include cloud profiles.

Updating your IVR routing configuration

1. Navigate to IVR > IVR designer via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Expand your IVR group and select your IVR
3. Select IVR Studio from the configuration panel
4. In IVR Studio, click the Route node to open the Transfer Properties modal window 
5. Select Cloud Profile from the Type dropdown menu
6. Select your new cloud profile from the Cloud dropdown menu
7. Click OK to close the modal window
8. Click Save in the upper right corner to save your changes
View of Transfer Properties modal window
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