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Engage Voice | Calling an expert on RingCentral Office

The call an expert feature allows agents to search the corporate directory and place a consult call to a person within the company. The contact’s presence should show when searching for a directory contact as a visual indicator of that person’s phone status. Calls placed using this feature are within the RingCentral network and free of charge.
Call an expert feature demo
In order to utilize this feature, the corporate directory must be enabled by your customer support team. Agents must also be logged in to Engage Voice with their RingCentral Office credentials. Admin users can set the filtering rules for the extensions in the account’s corporate directory to show all or specific ranges. To learn how to do this, visit Configuring the corporate directory.

Calling an expert

To initiate a consult call, follow these steps: 
1. Navigate to the My calls page via the left-hand navigation bar.
2. On the dialpad, type anything starting with a letter to begin a search.
3. Click on the name of the person you wish to consult to initiate an outbound call.
The call will be sent to the contact's RingCentral Office extension and follow that extension's answering rules. If enabled on that RingCentral extension, the consult call will first be offered to that contact's RingCentral desktop or mobile app before it rings the desk phones and other endpoints. If the contact’s RingCentral extension is set to do-not-disturb or if the call is not answered, the consult call will reach the contact’s RingCentral voicemail.
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