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Engage Voice | Intro to supervisor for agents

Supervisors interact within the agent interface similarly to regular agents. They can take and make calls, answer chats, review scripts, and more. However, supervisors can also have the additional responsibility of helping agents as they answer questions, handle complaints, and provide support for clients. 
In order to help supervisors achieve team goals, the agent interface provides supervisors with the tools to monitor and coach agents while they take/make calls and answer chats. These tools include monitoring and coaching tools that allow supervisors to listen in on an agent’s call, where they can ‘whisper’ to the agent and coach them through a conversation or even barge in and take over the conversation.
Additionally, supervisors can access the supervisor dashboard, which allows them to monitor agent performance throughout the day. And depending on if a supervisor has administrator access, a supervisor can also use the real-time dashboard to view agent performance. 
Now let’s take a closer look at supervisor tools.

Supervisor tools

The Supervisor menu is the main hub for all supervisor activity and is accessed in the left-hand navigation bar in the agent interface. The Supervisor menu in the agent interface helps by providing supervisors the essential tools to help identify operational issues and suggest possible improvements by monitoring and evaluating agent performance, providing learning or coaching opportunities, and even taking corrective action if necessary. 

About dashboards

Supervisors use dashboards to review agent call status and agent performance. The supervisor dashboard in Agent is one way that the platform provides real-time and custom reports. You can view the supervisor dashboard and customize the view according to your preference. Depending on your access, another way that a supervisor can view the dashboard is via the Admin interface. To know more about this, visit Intro to Real-Time reporting
The activity of agents while handling calls in the contact center contributes to the collection of analytics data. Agents record their interactions with leads and customers via configurable dispositions that can be used to track call/chat information and outcomes of agent stats that are reflected in the dashboard. These agent stats are vital for reporting and analytics purposes. To find out more about this, you can visit My stats overview

About coaching tools

Supervisors can utilize the dashboard as a way to analyze contact center performance and use this information to coach their agents. Between monitoring calls and call flows and managing agents, supervisors end up performing repetitive actions everyday based on the data they see. One way that a supervisor can do this is by monitoring agent calls and chats. A supervisor may monitor a call, barge in a call, and initiate a conversation with that agent by ‘whispering’ or through chat while engaged with a customer if need be. We’ll discuss later on how to do this.
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