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Engage Voice | Transferring a call

Both Requeue and Transfer allow you to redirect the call. However, while Requeue will redirect the call to a particular queue, Transfer allows you to perform a call transfer to a specific destination. 
When you select to transfer a call, a modal window will pop out and you can choose to transfer calls to preconfigured numbers. Depending on how an admin configures your transfer options, your transfer options may include a phonebook, a corporate directory, and a destination (phone number) option. 
View of the transfer modal window

Transferring a call

To transfer a call, follow these steps:
1. While on a call, select the Transfer pointing arrows icon under the dial pad to open the Call transfer modal window.
2. Select a person or destination to transfer the call under one of the following categories: 

a. Corporate directory: Choose a RingCentral Office extension from the dropdown menu.

b. Phonebook: Choose a number from the dropdown menu.

c. Destination: Type a number into the phone number field.

3. Check the Stay on call box (optional).
4. Once the transfer is completed and you’re ready to end the call, hang up the call via the red button beneath the dialpad.
Unlike a list of numbers already provided such as in the phonebook or other directories, with the destination transfer you have to type in the phone number.

Call transfer options

The transfer options you’ll have access to will depend on how your administrators have configured your available options, but generally, you’ll have the following transfer options to choose from: 
  • Corporate directory: A list of phone numbers within the company.
  • Phonebook: A list of phone numbers that may include phone numbers for outside destinations.
  • Destination: An option where you have to type in the phone number.

Staying on a call transfer

Staying on a call during a transfer can be helpful in situations when you need to introduce one party to the other. To stay on a call during transfer, you can check the Stay on call box (see above), and you will remain on the call with that person until you’re ready to hang up.
When you uncheck the Stay on call box, you’re simply sending the caller to the next destination alone, and your leg of the call will end.
When performing the transfer, you’ll notice that the Transfer button below the dialpad will change to a ‘connected’ state. In the top right corner, you’ll see a small window with both the caller and the transfer destination phone numbers with their hold status. This means that the transfer was successful and you are now in a three-way call with the caller and the intended destination. 
View when transferring a call
Once the transfer is completed and you’re ready to end the call, you can choose to either end the call for yourself, for the transfer destination, or for everyone.

Placing a transfer call on hold

When you’re on a transferred call, you may also choose to place either the caller or the transferred destination on hold. To place either person on hold, select the Hold pause next to their number in the transfer window at top right. 
Let’s say the transfer destination picks up the call. You may choose to put the caller on hold while you talk to the person on the destination line. Alternatively, you can also put the destination line on hold if you wish to talk to the caller again to update them on the call’s status. 

Ending a transfer call

When ending a call, hang up by clicking on the hang up icon under the call controls. Select one of the following options when ending a transfer call:
  • Everyone: The call will end for all parties in the call.
  • Just me: If the destination accepts the call and you’ve introduced the caller to the destination transfer, you may choose to end the call just for yourself so the caller and the destination can continue the call.
  • Transfer: If the transfer destination’s part of the call is over, you may hang up the transfer destination and the interface goes back to before the transfer option was selected.
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