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Engage Voice | Intro to Omni-channel Agent

As discussed in Intro to the Omni-channel experience, Omni-channel Agent is a user-friendly interface that agents and supervisors can use to handle customer support interactions that contains both voice and digital capabilities. By combining these two capabilities, agents working in blended contact centers can switch seamlessly between taking and/or making calls and responding to customer messages sent from various digital channels. For the purpose of this article, we will focus only on the digital components of Omni-channel Agent. 
The configuration for the Omni-channel agent interface can be done in two separate interfaces: Voice Admin and Digital Admin. This includes configuring features from routing rules for calls and messages to user access and permissions. For more info, visit Intro to Omni-channel Admin.

Voice features in Agent

Depending on how your access is configured by an administrator, you may have access to voice and/or digital functionality. Voice functionality refers to the features agents can use that support both inbound and outbound calling. If you would like to learn more about the voice features in Agent, visit Intro to Agent.

Digital features in Agent

Digital features provide agents with a customer support interface that centralizes in-app messaging, SMS, social media, email, and web chat messages to ensure operational efficiency, message traceability, and large-scale processing of all digital interactions. The interface provides two digital operational modes via the left nav bar: My messages and All messages. These two operational modes are what agents and supervisors use to manage customer messages or cases. We will take a closer look at these two operational modes later on. 

The integration of digital features with voice features helps agents in multi-tasking. For example, if an agent receives a call from a customer who wants to follow-up on an email, that agent can access the customer’s message via All messages view while engaged on that call. In addition, if an agent doesn't have calls and the voice queue is empty, the agent can easily switch to customer messages.
Messages and Inbox view

My messages

My messages is one of the operational modes that agents and supervisors can use to manage customer messages or interactions, and can be accessed by clicking the chat icon in the left nav bar. 
Once a customer sends a message to your contact center, no matter where they sent it from — that is, either from chat bots, SMS, email, in-app messaging like WhatsApp, and social media channels like Facebook or Instagram —  agents can respond to customers.

Interactions under My messages are routed to agents according to how they are configured in the admin interface based on level of urgency and agent competencies. Please note that certain interactions, like live chat messages that require real-time responses, are always performed in My messages. Agents can access new awaiting interactions via the left panel. To learn more, visit Intro to My Messages.

All messages

All messages, signified by a folder icon, can also be accessed via the left nav bar. Unlike My messages, All messages enables agents to view and sort messages in mailbox folders that are organized according to which digital channel, theme, team, or categorization they came from. Please note that these mailbox folders are created and customized by your admin according to your needs. For example, your admin might create separate mailbox folders from various channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

In addition, similar to an email inbox, agents can use the search bar to look up messages in All messages. Agents are also equipped with action items or buttons that help them do things like categorize messages, reply to customers, and mark interactions as complete. To learn more, visit Intro to All messages.
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