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Release Notes > MVP Core > November 2022
Release Notes

RingCentral MVP Core | November 2022

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral MVP Core.
MVP Core, VERSION 22.4
Release Dates: November 3 through December 6, 2022
  • Bulk users upload: Provides better usability through enhanced templates, file upload process, and error handling.
  • Park Location key: Now added to phones automatically when members are added to the Park Location group.
  • Redundant Audio Codec (REC): Calls placed or received on RingCentral App Desktop & Mobile clients will now use the RED codec. 
  • DID upgrade: Account admins can now directly upgrade a Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number of a user to a full MVP Digital Licence (DL) license. 
  • Customer Service Records (CSR): North American customers can download CSRs to help facilitate number porting.
  • Mobile number substitute caller ID: To enable this functionality, customers must request this and provide documentation for the mobile number to be used.
Call Handling
  • Multi-site accounts: Incoming calls can be routed directly without going through an IVR menu.
  • Forward all company calls (FACC):
    • Single-site accounts: Administrative controls are extended to the RingCentral mobile application, and adding a banner across end points to indicate when forwarding is turned on.
    • Multi-site accounts: The FACC feature is being added within the Admin Portal
  • Delegate Line enhancements for Poly VVX x50 phones:
    • New custom key layout options allow the user to specify their preferred order of keys on their phones, including delegate lines.
    • Users can share delegate line numbers as their Caller ID.
    • The maximum number of delegates has increased from 10 to 16.
  • Bring your own carrier (BYOC): Added Honduras to the list of supported countries.
Hardware Devices
  • Custom config support for Mitel phones: A dozen features can be configured on Mitel models 6867, 6869, and 6873.
  • Server based features: Support for call log sync, personal contacts, DND sync, and visual voicemail are supported for Mitel 6920, 6930, and 6940 phone models.
  • Phone models added with support for Zero Touch Provisioning and assisted provisioning (in US, Canada, and United Kingdom):
    • Mitel 6920W, 6930W, 6940W.
    • Poly Edge E220, E320, E350, E450, and E550.
MVP Core, Version 22.4.1
Release Dates: November 14 through December 14, 2022
  • Bug fixes
MVP Core, Version 22.4.2
Release Dates: November 29 through December 22, 2022
  • SMS log download: Now down asynchronously to prevent partial data due to API timeout.
  • Email to fax (E2F) email address compliance
Call Handling
  • Smart dial plan routing: Adds a new layer of digit processing intelligence to detect if a call may be a valid internal extension, or external number.
  • Ring all coworker’s apps: Users can select all apps (mobile, desktop, phone desktop) to ring when adding a coworker to a user’s ring list. This is available in Open Beta.
Hardware Devices
  • Custom key layout: Users can configure and customize their phone key layouts for Mitel 6867, 6869, and 6873 phones. 
  • Phone models added for purchase, Zero Touch Provisioning, and assisted provisioning support:
    • Mitel 6905, 6910, 6970 available in North America.
    • Mitel 6920W, 6930W, 6940W available in US, Canada, and UK.
    • Poly Edge E220, E320, E350, E450, and E550 available in North America.
    • Poly Rove DECT 30, Rove DECT 40, VVX D230 DECT added for Europe and Australia.
    • Yealink CP925, CP965 and W79P DECT added for Europe and Australia.
  • Phone models added with assisted provisioning support:
    • Mitel IP485G, IP480, & IP480G available for US, Canada, UK, and Australia.
    • Mitel 6920W, 6930W, 6940W available in Europe and Australia.
    • Poly VVX D230 DECT available in Europe and Australia.
    • Yealink W69P DECT, and VP59 available in Europe and Australia.
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