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Sharing a recording of an instant meeting in
RingCentral Rooms

Last updated on November 24, 2021
RingCentral Rooms allows you to share the recording of an instant or ad hoc meeting with your company contacts. Your company contacts will then receive the recording link via email when it becomes available on the system.
This feature is available to RingEX Standard, Premium, and Ultimate plans.

Sharing an instant meeting's recording to your company contacts

  1. Start an instant meeting on the controller. Visit Start an Instant Meeting on the RingCentral Rooms Controller for more information.
  2. Tap the Record button.
  3. Select the contact who should receive the recording. You can also search for the contact.
Select contact who will receive the recording
When the meeting ends, the selected contact will receive the email with the recording link once the file becomes available in the system.
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