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Using your mobile phone as a RingCentral Rooms
controller in the RingCentral mobile app

Last updated on November 24, 2021
RingCentral Rooms is used to start, join, or control RingCentral Video meetings in a conference room. You can use an iPad, Poly TCB controller, or your personal device to control various settings:
  • Join meetings with voice commands
  • Control muting and unmuting
  • Turning your video camera on and off
  • End the meeting
Note: You can control a Room with your phone without being on the same network as the Room.

Using your phone as a controller via the RingCentral mobile app

  1. Navigate to Video at the bottom menu bar.
  2. Tap the More button at the upper right.
  3. Tap Control a room.
Use your phone as a controller
  1. Tap Allow to turn on Bluetooth if the feature is off. 
    Note: Bluetooth communication is encrypted to protect data privacy. For Rooms running on Big Sur, you will need to grant RingCentral Rooms access in Security & Privacy > Bluetooth.
  2. Tap the room you want to access.
  3. If a pairing code is required, enter the code, and tap Pair.
Enter pairing code and tap Pair
  1. Tap Join.
    Note: Only a maximum of 4 devices are allowed to connect to the room simultaneously. If there are multiple devices connected, only one device can control the room.
  2. After pairing your device, you will be able to control the room.
a. If the room is in a meeting, you can mute/unmute, turn on/off video, adjust speaker volume, and leave the meeting.
Control the room after pairing
b. If the room is idle, you can start an instant meeting, join by meeting ID, or join a scheduled meeting. 
Idle room
Join by meeting ID
You can disconnect from the room at any time by tapping Disconnect or minimize the control panel for multi-tasking.

Requiring a pairing code when using a personal phone to connect to a room

If you want to require a pairing code to use a personal phone as a Rooms controller, you must enable that function on the iPad, Android tablet, or Poly controller. To ensure a secure connection, the pairing code for 2-factor authentication is six letters.
Note: A pairing code is optional if you want to use a phone as a RingCentral Rooms controller.
  1. On the controller, tap Settings > General.
  2. Enable Require pairing code for mobile control.
Require pairing code for mobile control
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