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Joining a webinar using Rooms

Last updated on March 15, 2022

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RingCentral Rooms offers a convenient way for participants to join a RingCentral webinar in a conference room from a tablet. 

Joining a scheduled webinar for attendees

Scheduled webinars appear on the dashboard of your Rooms controller and under Show today’s meetings. On the Rooms controller, tap Join on the scheduled meeting. 
Note: If your RingCentral Room's email account receives a webinar invite, it will show up automatically in the upcoming meeting list on the Room’s controller and host device (monitor).
Joining a webinar using Rooms in the RingCentral app for desktop and web

Joining a webinar with voice command for attendees

If the voice command is turned on, you can join a scheduled meeting without having to touch the controller by saying, “Hi RingCentral, join the meeting.”

Your controller device can be voice-activated 15 minutes before the meeting. This feature is no longer available once the webinar starts. 

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