Using panelist in-webinar controls in the
RingCentral mobile app

Last updated on March 15, 2022
Once you join a webinar as a panelist, you can access in-webinar controls to participate in the webinar efficiently.
View of panelist in-webinar controls in the RingCentral mobile app
View of panelist in-webinar controls in the RingCentral mobile app
  • Information: Shows the webinar subject, the host and cohosts, and list of panelists.
  • Connection: Shows your device’s network quality.
  • Speaker: Switch your audio output device to any of the following options: speakerphone, phone's internal speakers, Bluetooth, or wired headset.
  • Q&A: Tap to open the Question and Answer window. See Participating in Q&A as a panelist to learn more. 
  • Chat: Tap to send a message to hosts and panelists.
  • Leave: Tap to leave the webinar.
  • Mute: Tap to mute or unmute your audio. 
  • Start Video: Tap to turn on or off your device’s front camera. 
  • Share: Tap to share your screen or turn on and share your device’s back camera. 
  • Participants: Tap to view the list of hosts, panelists, and attendees.
  • More: Tap to access the following:
    • Disconnect audio: Tap to disconnect your audio and choose how to join: Use internet audio, Dial in, Call me or Continue without audio.
    • Virtual background: Tap to select from a list of virtual backgrounds or add/upload a virtual background from your device’s photo and video library. 
    • Settings: Tap to configure how long it takes to hide the webinar toolbar controls. You can tap the screen to hide the toolbar or automatically hide it after 5 seconds to 5 minutes of being idle. If you select Never automatically hide, you will need to tap the screen to hide webinar controls.   
    • Send feedback: Tap to report a problem or give feedback about your webinar experience. 
    • Submit feature idea: Tap to submit feature and improvement ideas directly to RingCentral’s product team. 
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