Using the standalone window for phone calls in the RingCentral app desktop

Last updated on December 22, 2022

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If you’re using the new Phone experience, read Navigating the new Phone interface in the RingCentral app.
You have two options for handling calls in the RingCentral desktop and web app:
  • Use the floating dialer within the app.
  • Use the standalone call window (default).
Key features of the standalone window:
  • Automatically detaches from the RingCentral app.
  • Once enabled, all calls will be handled in the standalone call window.
  • Window will always stay in the foreground.
  • Windows close automatically when all calls are complete.

Using the standalone window in the dialpad or Phone menu

  1. Select the Dialpad icon at the top right of the main window.
    Go to Phone in the left navigation bar, then click Make a call in the left pane.
Use the standalone call window via the dial pad or Phone menu
  1. Enter a name or number in the New Call field, then select the contact you’d like to call.
    Click the keys one at a time on the dialpad, then click the Call button. The standalone call window will act as your dialer.
Enter name or number or dial to call

Using the standalone window via the Phone icon

You can click the Phone icon anywhere in the app to place a call. Once you do, the standalone call window will handle your call.
Click the phone icon anywhere within the app
You can use the standalone call window for any call, even if the RingCentral app window is not open.
Use the standalone call window separate from the RingCentral app
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