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Assigning a script to a queue or campaign

Once you’ve created and named a script, you can begin assigning it to queues and campaigns. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a script built in order to assign it — we’ll get to the script-building process later. 
You can assign scripts directly within Routing, Dialing, Chat, and, last but not least, Script Designer, which we’ll discuss now.
Whether you’re assigning a script to an inbound queue or outbound campaign in Script Designer, the process is almost exactly the same, and the options are presented in a similar format. You can find all your assigned scripts (and assign new ones to a queue or campaign) by navigating to the Queue Assignments or Campaign Assignments option in the configuration panel at the script level.
Once you’re in the Queue/Campaign Assignments configuration page, you’ll see a search bar at upper right that you can use to find and select the campaign or queue you’ll be assigning the script to. 
After you’ve interacted with the search bar or Show All button, you’ll see either nothing at all (if you haven’t assigned this script anywhere yet) or you’ll see a queue or campaign (or a list of them) displayed in a table below the search bar. This is a list of all the queues and campaigns this script has already been assigned to. 
To assign a script to a queue or campaign, follow the steps below.
1. Navigate to Agent Tools > Script Designer
2. Select a script from the groups page
3. Click the Queue Assignments or Campaign Assignments tab in the script configuration panel 
4. Use the search bar or the Show All button to the right of the search bar to view all available queues/campaigns
5. Click on the name of the queue/campaign you wish to assign the script to
6. When the new Routing or Dialing General page opens in your browser window, scroll down until you reach the Agent Settings section, then select your script from the Integrated Script dropdown menu
7. Save your changes 
8. Return to the Script Designer Queue/Campaign Assignments tab and save your changes (you won’t see your changes until you save them)
Selecting a script via Agent Tools > Script Designer
Assign a script part 1
Selecting a queue/campaign via Script Designer’s Queue/Campaign Assignments
Assign a script part 2
Selecting an integrated script via queue/campaign configuration options under Agent Settings
Assign a script part 3
Returning to original Queue/Campaign Assignments screen to save changes
Assign a script part 4
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