Engage Voice | Configuring queue audio settings

If you wish to add or configure audio on your queue (whether for an agent whisper or for hold times, for example), you can do so by navigating to the General tab in your queue’s configuration panel and scrolling down to the Audio Settings section.
Here, you’ll find multiple audio configuration options for different conditions you may encounter during an agent’s call. We’ll discuss each setting in detail below, but if you’d like more details on the process of finding, selecting, uploading, and editing audio files within the framework of your audio library, check out Audio library overview before you continue.

Configuring audio settings on a queue

The list below describes the settings that specify how audio can be played for different events in a queue.
  • Agent Whisper: Choose an audio file that will play for the agent as they connect with a customer. This setting can be helpful if you wish to provide an audio prompt for your agents to inform them when they have an incoming call. Or, if an agent is logged into multiple queues at a time, you may choose to provide an audio prompt to let them know which queue the customer has called into
  • Blocked ANI: Select an audio file to play to customers to inform them that their number has been blocked in the system. If you do not choose an audio file to play, any blocked calls will be terminated
  • Caller Hold: Select an audio file to play to the customer when they are placed on hold
  • End Call: Select an audio file to play to the customer when a call has ended. This can be useful if, for example, an agent is working in a platform outside of the Agent UI and has no visual cues as to when their call has ended
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