Engage Voice | Inbound queues testing overview

After you have configured your inbound queues, we recommend that you test your queue to ensure it operates as expected. This article describes typical tests you can perform. You should verify that the tests you perform address all the capabilities of your implementation. You may need to plan and test additional scenarios depending on your needs.
We also recommend that you perform tests whenever you make major changes to one of more of your inbound queues. The specific tests you will perform depend on how you have configured your inbound queues. Some of the common goals of testing an inbound queue are as follows:
  • To test that call routing and IVR mechanisms within your inbound queue operate as configured
  • To test the priority queue events and queue events are applied correctly
  • To test that calls to an inbound queue are routed to an appropriate agent
  • To test that agents in an inbound queue see scripts pop as expected

Ordering phone numbers for testing your inbound queues

If you would like to test your inbound queues, you’ll want to acquire one or more test phone numbers. You may require a larger number of test numbers if your environment has a large number of inbound queues to test. The procedure you will use to request these numbers depends on whether your system has been deployed in a production environment or is still in the implementation phase. 
If your account has been deployed in a production environment, please contact your customer success manager (CSM) to request phone numbers for testing your inbound configuration. If your account is still in the implementation or acceptance phase, please contact your project manager or implementation manager to request those phone numbers. 
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