Engage Voice | The Page tool and its elements overview

The Page tool represents the script ‘page’ that your agents will see. It serves as the background for all the visual and interactive elements and processes within your script. You’ll most likely be using the Page tool the most in Script Studio.
View Page tool in toolbar
You can customize your script by using the ‘elements’ located within the Page tool. Page elements allow you to create dynamic, interactive scripts that can help your agents conduct seamless calls and chats. All Page elements can be found in the Page Configuration pane via the Add Element field at far left, and they include the following:
  • Buttons: Buttons can be configured to perform specific actions, including navigation actions (for example, they can be used as a way to collect data or open an external website)
  • Checkboxes: Agents can check boxes in response to the attached question or data. The system can then map, record, and report on these responses 
  • Dispositions: Dispositions describe the outcome of a call or chat. You can insert a disposition form into a script page so agents can disposition the call or chat without ever leaving the script. The disposition option also includes a field for agents to enter notes about the call or chat
  • Dropdown Multi-Select: This element creates a dropdown menu from which agents can select multiple items (as opposed to just one)
  • Dropdown Select: A straightforward dropdown menu from which the agent can only select one item at a time
  • Hyperlink: Use this element to create a hyperlink agents can click on to reach a webpage
  • iFrame: This element allows you to insert an entire — fully functional — live website into a script so agents can remain in the app (and on the same page of the script) even if they need to access another site
  • Image: Use this element to insert an image into your script
  • Input: Input elements allow agents to capture specific types of input directly into the script. Input types consist of the following: Input, Custom, Date, Email, Number, and Phone
  • Knowledge Base: Use this element to enter knowledge base content into your script
  • Navigation Buttons: This element inserts buttons into your script that guide the agent either back to the previous tool or forward to the next tool (for example, if you decide to include multiple pages in your script and you want the agent to be able to navigate from one page to the next)
  • Nested Page View: Use this element to embed a script page within another script page so that all the information on one page can duplicate itself across one or more remaining pages in your script
  • Page Break: This element creates a horizontal line break on a page
  • Radio Buttons: Create a set of options in which an agent can only select one option at a time 
  • Table: Use this element to create a set of data source variables agents can draw upon from within the script
  • Text Area: This element allows agents to enter free-form text into a simple text box
  • Text Block: Use this element to insert blocks of text, links, and dynamic tagged data into your script
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