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Release Notes > MVP Core > November 2019
Release Notes

RingCentral MVP Core | November 2019

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral MVP Core.
Version 19.4
Release Date: November 5 through December 12
Meetings in Top-level Navigation Menu
  • Admins will be able to access RingCentral Meetings settings and configurations through the top-level navigation within the Admin Portal. 
Password Setting Improvements
  • An improved user interface for setting Password/PIN will show password criteria in a persistent manner and indicate which rules have been met or not. It will also allow users to view what they’ve typed into form fields.
User Table Improvements
  • In the User Table inside of Admin Portal, admins will be able to expand the table and also adjust column widths. 
Table Filter Reorganization
  • Advanced filters within tables have been organized under an additional section (“More”), allowing the user to focus on the primary actions for the page and making for a cleaner and simpler look and feel.
AppCues Walkthroughs
  • The RingCentral Admin Portal is complex so we’ve teamed up with AppCues to display walkthroughs and tips to empower users and admins.
Call Recording Icon
  • A new visual indicator in Call Log & Messages will denote any calls that were too short to be recorded (less than 500ms).
  • There will be a new ability to send notifications by text message and/or email to a predefined list of recipients when 911 is dialed by any user on an account.
Automatic Call Recording
  • Admins will be able to enable automatic call recording during the user activation process.
Download all Phone Numbers
  • Admins will have the ability to download all of their numbers in CSV format from the Phone Numbers tab in the Admin Portal. 
Add “Site” to Templates
  • Admins who set up users will be able to leverage a new site option in Limited Extension and User templates to simplify the setup process. 
Call Log Fax Results Codes
  • A new designation will be available in the call log for voice calls made to fax only numbers.
Call Handling
Shared Line Caller ID Enhancements
  • Users who make calls using Shared Lines from their personal phones will be able to present an extension number to the called party for easier identification. Additionally, users can select one of the direct lines in a Shared Line Group and assign it as the entire group’s Caller ID.
Copy Call Queue Settings
  • Users will be able to copy settings from an existing call queue when creating a new call queue, making setup easier and faster. 
Call Queue Manager Selection from User List (Beta)
  • This new process allows admins to assign multiple users to serve as managers of a call queue. Call queue managers can also be assigned different permission levels (full access and members only) and login to manage queues using their own credentials.
Global Office
  • This release will include Global Office support for Polycom OBi302 and Yealink T48S and W60P devices.
  • This new process will allow authorized users the ability to purchase international numbers through a self-serve, on-demand portal.
  • This new process will give authorized users the ability to port international numbers to RingCentral through a self-serve, on-demand portal.
Lower Call Rates to New Zealand
  • New lower outbound pricing will be available for customers making calls to New Zealand. 
UK Data Localization
  • RingCentral Analytics added as part of UK data localization.
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